Review: L'Oreal True Match Concealer

Friday, January 3, 2014

After cutting my mac select cover up in two and squeezing the very last drop of product I could get, I decided it was time to buy a new concealer. I went to boots and bought the L'Oreal True match concealer in number 2 called vanilla for 10, 49€, I had heard a lot of good opinions about this product so I thought it was worth a try. It comes with a sponge tip applicator which is so practical for under eye circles, the consistency is amazing, it goes on smoothly and gives a nice bright look. My under eyes tend to get really dry so it's very hard for me to find a concealer that doesn't cake up on me and this one definitely doesn't. It stays put and doesn't cake up. It's my favorite concealer I have ever tried, I love it a lot more than the mac select cover up mainly because my mac concealer had a tendency to accentuate my dry parts under my eyes. Overall, I think this is an amazing concealer, with a nice yellow toned color range and I would recommend it to anyone. 


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  1. I hate concealers that cake up and makes your skin feel heavy and horrible, so this sounds perfect! Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I've been looking for a new concealer, would you say this has full coverage? :)

    Ellen xx

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  7. Il a l'air pas mal! Je pense que si jamais j'ai besoin d'un anti cernes, je testerais celui-ci.
    Bisous. :)

  8. Oh I'm looking for a new concealer, thank for this review!!!

  9. I really like their True Match foundation so I will have to look out for this!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  10. This sounds amazing but I recently read a very disturbing article about L'Oreal's cruelty to animals when testing their products out. It was shocking so I'm definitely staying away from their brand now!

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  12. I've heard a lot about the True Match range, too! Really, it's better than MAC?! It sounds great, then! Considering L'Oreal is drugstore, their products are great!
    Lovely Review!

  13. Great review! I'm almost out of my concealer so I'll be looking for a new one soon!

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  15. great post

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  16. sounds great! i'll have to try it out once i run out. And i love your blog! and can't wait to read more! I also followed you on GFC!

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  18. It's an amazing one indeed, so you're totally right about that. Lots of friends of my use that one as well;)

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  20. Looks like a fine product!
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  23. this is on my list of 'to try' products=)

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  25. we have never actually tried any concealer from loreal. We too tend to get dry under our eyes, and a lot of concealer's we've used in the past tended to settle in the creases and flake. But we've been using Rimmel's Wake me up concealer, and it's doing our dark circles wonders!

  26. lovely review and great post Sha

    love Vikee

  27. something I need for my eyebags... hehe

  28. Nice review.
    I really need a new concealer too
    something that would really conceal
    my dark spots.

  29. Finding a concealer that doesn't cake up is sometimes the hardest thing ever! The fact that you like it more than the MAC one is really saying something!

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  30. This sounds great. I have such a hard time finding concelars because I have such a pale complexion.

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  31. Great review! I'll definitely try this one out! I always hate trying out conclears, I find a lot of the oily!

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  33. I love beauty reviews! I hate wasting money on things that are going to end up not working and going in my discard pile. Thanks for the tip!

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  39. I am always looking for a good concealer because
    I haven't found the perfect one yet.
    I definitely have to try out this one. :)

  40. love this concealer! i tried it before and it works

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  46. Nice! Thanks for sharing. I've seen this concealer before and now I know it actually works!!


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  54. This sounds great. I have been looking into different concealers. I love the collection long lasting concealer but it is unfortunately not available in Belgium. I will see if i can track down this one. I love sponge applicators on concealers.


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